The story of Little One

Little One is not . . . very little.  She is the fattest cat I have ever personally carried around.

Here she is, sitting on a window sill next to a wooden cat that Kevin got me as a last-minute birthday present bought from Goodwill.  (It's the worst birthday present I have ever received.  Thanks, honey!)

Little One was the first cat I got when I moved to the United States ten years ago.  She was chilling in the back of a pet store and I fell immediately in love.  She was called Amanda, and we fixed that right away by giving her one of our own lame non-names ("Big Kitty," "Little One" - you see the pattern?).

But we should have named her Houdini, because the day she came home with us, she disappeared.  We couldn't for the life of us figure out what had happened, and thought we may have left the door open for a second at some point and she had escaped.  We searched high and low for hours, both inside and outside the apartment.  Heartbroken and crying, I went to bed, only to wake in the middle of the night and find her sitting at the foot of my bed.

After that, over the years, we learned that every time Little One was stressed, she would hide, and she would hide very fucking effectively.  We gave up trying to figure out her hiding places, and left her alone to emerge from them in her own time.  To this day, we don't know where she hid.

The "we" here was me and my ex-husband, Larry.  (No worries, we are the best of friends.)  When we split up, he took the two boy cats who were friends and I took Little One, but Little One was not content to be with mommy.  She meowed and meowed and meowed, sitting by the front door, crying for daddy.  This was because daddy had worked from home and was the primary caretaker of the kitties through most of our time together (which means he fed them, thus earning their lifelong loyalty, and let them sit on his lap all day).  I had to put aside my selfish desire and act in the best interest of the kitty, so I gave Little One up to her daddy.

I have been seeing her on my visits to Larry's place, but never had him bring her over before.  Four years after I lost her, we decided to do an overnight visit.  She's been with me since yesterday morning, and so far, she seems to be doing okay (except that she did do her signature disappearing act thing yesterday, and typically, I couldn't find her anywhere).  Thing about her is, if she isn't missing her daddy, she is a pretty placid kitty who loves everyone and you can hear her purring from across the room.  I'm hoping I can keep her and if so, she will make a great cafe cat, and y'all will get to meet her.

Here's another picture, cuz she is so darling.