Entry Fee

Like most cat cafes, we charge for entry. The fee is $5/person. The fee applies to kids 3 years old and up because our liability insurance is much higher for allowing kids without age restrictions. Kids under 3 are free.

If you are only shopping for a gift and wish to browse our cat-themed merchandise, and not visiting to hang out with the kitties, just let the attending cat lady know and you will not be charged the entry fee.

What is the fee used for?

We are funded entirely through sales generated in the cafe. Since we are not allowed to be a full service coffee shop (because of the health code), we rely on the entry fee to generate revenue. We use these funds to pay rent and utilities on our space, pay our employees above minimum wage, and foster the cats until their adoptions. We do not make money on adoptions, nor do we get volunteer or funding assistance from the shelters who send us the cats. When you pay the fee to visit with the kitties, you are helping us take care of homeless cats in need and supporting an independent, immigrant-owned, and ethically run small business.

Even at $5, we remain the cheapest cat cafe in the country. Most cat cafes charge $10-$15 for an hour-long visit. Some, like San Francisco and Los Angeles, charge even more ($25!!!).

Membership Options!

We want our regulars to be able to continue supporting us without breaking the bank, so we offer the following membership deals:

* * * Members get 10% off purchases & unlimited visits * * *

$15 – Kitten (Individual Monthly Membership) (purchase online here)

$25 - Kitten Plus (Individual Monthly Membership + Guest) (purchase online here)

$55 – Fat Cat (Individual Annual Membership) (purchase online here)

$85 – Cool Cats (Individual Annual Membership Plus Guest) (purchase online here)

$125 – Cat Family (Annual Family Membership - grandparents/parents plus up to four kids) (purchase online here)

$500 – Kitty's Best Friend (One free event per year; unlimited visits with up to 5 guests; 20% off all purchases; DCC will pay your fee to adopt a cafe cat) (purchase online here)