Why Fund Us?

1.  You Love Cats

The preternatural cuteness of cats slays us.  The internet is proof that we are not alone.  We cannot imagine a more delightful thing than walking into a place that offers a bunch of kitties, just chilling or going about their daily ablutions, who may even come sit in your lap as you relax with a book.  If you feel the same way, and want to see this phenomenon come to Denver, throw a few dollars our way and we will make it happen. 

2.  You Will Be Helping Rescue-And-Adoption Efforts

We wish to promote adoption of cats.  Cafe cats will be available for adoption, and we believe will be more likely to be adopted, because we will attract cat lovers who will be able to interact with café cats in a natural, cage-free setting.  How could they resist falling in love?  Our efforts to facilitate adoptions will ease the burden on Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue, our partnering shelter, enabling them to rescue more cats.

3.  You Want to Help Kitties

We have found inspiration in the model and philosophy pioneered by Oakland's Cat Town Café.  They rescue vulnerable cats -- those who are older, shy, stressed, or otherwise more likely to be euthanized -- and hope to facilitate adoptions by letting customers get to know them in a natural setting.

We share this interest in helping cats find good homes.  We will depend on our partnering shelter to provide us with cats for the café, and we will help the shelter by putting the cats in a space where they are likelier to meet their future human parents. 

4.  You Want A Community Space

Denver Cat Company aspires to be a community space.  As transplants to this blossoming city, we have felt the need for building new friendships and support structures, as have most people we know.  We want to contribute to the increasing number of organizations and independent businesses that foster this kind of community-building.  In aid of building such a space, we will feature a large lending library, an art gallery featuring the works of local artists, and an after-hours meeting place for meet-up groups.

5.  You Want Denver To Be The First

Thus far, the United States, and even North America, has not opened a cat café.  Crowdfunding campaigns and plans for such cafés have been launched in Vancouver and Toronto in Canada, and in San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, Los Angeles, Oregon, and Boston in the United States.  The people of New York gave a rousing reception to a one-week "pop-up" cat café, and the response signals that some intrepid entrepreneur will make it happen before long.

The fact remains that until someone does open a cat café in America, Denver has the potential to be the first to do it.  As a refugee from San Francisco, the Cat Lover at our helm (Sana) would, for one, love to see Denver be the kind of city that has the cultural wherewithal to absorb and promote quirkiness of this nature -- and do it before New York and  San Francisco.  (Although if Oakland beats us, we will be okay with it.)

You can feed your inner competitiveness by helping us be the first.

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