Because we are a small team, we are hoping some talented cat lovers will be willing to partner with us or otherwise offer us their services in return for future employment, should our venture be successful.

If you have skills that you believe will add value, please let us know.  We are interested in marketing, community organizing and outreach, website management, tech talent, photographers, videographers, vets, cat whisperers, cat behavioralists, accountants, artists, strategic business advisors, etc., etc.


If you have books overspilling your bookshelves, we will be happy to take them off your hands to populate the Denver Cat Company's lending library.  We are also on the lookout for comfortable chairs, lamps, small tables, and small bookcases.  And of course, any and all cat supplies are welcome.

If you have anything to offer that you think will make the Denver Cat Company a reality, you can contact us via the form here.  We appreciate all your support.