On Our March 8 Closure in Solidarity

On March 8, International Women’s Day, women around the country are going on strike to demand gender equality. Denver Cat Company will stand with them and be closed for business on Wednesday, March 8, 2017.

The cat cafe is a business owned by a woman, staffed entirely by women, and caters primarily to women. I was conflicted about the statement it makes to close such a business. But I have faith in our community and I know you will support us ten times harder all the rest of the week and month that we are open to make up for revenue loss. And, although I want to show solidarity for the cause of liberation and equality, I understand the strike is experienced differently by employees who are not salaried; therefore, cat cafe staff will be paid as if they had worked their usual shifts and will not lose wages because of the closure. 

I also wanted to make my own personal statement by striking today: immigrants, like me, are job creators and make meaningful contributions to their communities and to the American economy. Without the opportunities created by feminist ideals, I would not have come to this country at age 21 to make a better life. To the extent any of this work and its doers are invisible, this is one small step to making it more visible. Let’s all honor the contributions of women and immigrants and welcome more of it, not less, and on fair terms.

If nothing else, wear red.

Thanks for all your support and love,


Owner, Denver Cat Company