We need some of these items on a regular basis (e.g. litter supplies). Some items -- such as cat toys and scratchers -- need to be replaced regularly since they get used up. If you order anything for us online, you can have it shipped to us at 3929 Tennyson St., Denver, CO 80212 (make sure to include your information so we can send you a thank-you note!). You can also bring it in to the cafe. 

Note that any fabric element in a cat tree or bed MUST be machine-washable.

Thank you SO MUCH for your generous support.

Canned cat food -- specifically, I & Love & You brand (any flavor) or Wellness Core canned cat food (duck is a popular flavor! Our cats be fancy. They really don't like liver or turkey); any other grain-free brand also works.

Replacement Fur Pad for cat tree ($20.99)

Replacement Fur Pad for cat tree ($20.99)

Replacement Fur Pad for cat tree ($28.99)

Kitty Kasa ($39.99) (would LOVE 1-3; we love the orange and pink; it's exactly the kind of thing our shy yet friendly cats love to sit in)

Catit Style Scratcher ($8.49)

Cat Hammock Scratcher ($17.99)

Tangkula Cat Tree ($41.99)

Scratch N Nap Cat Scratcher ($16.99) (available at Pet Smart) (RECURRING)

Whisker City Cat Pan Liner in Jumbo size, 2 mil ($19.99) (available at Pet Smart) (RECURRING - NEED 1 BOX PER FORTNIGHT)

Da Bird cat toy (price varies - tends to be between $5 and $12 on Amazon)

Feather toys/refills (varies)

Go Cat Teaser cat toy (price varies, typically under $10 on Amazon)

Or, you can simply donate any amount to help us foster kitties until they are adopted.