What is Denver Cat Company?

Here at Denver Cat Company, we cannot imagine anything more delightful than a roomful of cats -- and we believe there are many folks out there who feel the same way.

Hence, a community space and cafe that features resident cats, modeled after the "cat cafes" of Taiwan, Japan, Europe, and now hopefully, North America.

For more details on what we are envisioning, please go here.

Can Denver Handle a Cat Cafe?

We believe Denver is ready for something like this -- that we are quirky enough, open-minded enough, urban enough, and hip enough, on the level of cities like San Francisco and Portland, whose cat cafes are rumored to open this year.  But there are doubters who believe cat cafes can only thrive in "world-class cities" like London and Paris (and perhaps San Francisco).  We hope the nay-sayers are wrong, and that your support will reflect our faith in this amazing vibrant city.

Would you like to see a cat cafe come to Denver?

We care about your feedback.  Denver is its people: if you do not want to see a cat cafe in this city, it won't happen.  So tell us what you think:

Is Denver the kind of place where a cat cafe would find a good home?