Cat Mind Meditation

If you are a cat lover, you have probably had the pleasure of seeing a cat in a state of perfect satisfaction and relaxation in the present moment. Cats are excellent at remaining awake and aware, able to respond to whatever may catch their interest, yet restful and content. Cats innately access a meditative state of mind, and there is much we can learn from cats and apply in our meditation practice.

If you would like to practice some of the meditative tools that can bring you to a more peaceful state of mind, join us for

WHAT: Cat-Mind Meditation, a half hour guided meditation
WHERE: Denver Cat Company, 3929 Tennyson Street
WHEN: Thursday June 7th, 6:30-7:00pm

The meditation will be led by instructor Angela Austin, aided by the presence of 8 adoptable cats currently residing at Denver Cat Compnay. No experience with meditation or cats is required.

The first ten minutes will focus on finding comfort in our bodies and breath. In the spirit of the cat, this may mean finding a non-traditional meditation posture. Feel free to bring a comfortable cushion or mat for sitting or lying on; some chairs, sofas, and cushions will be available at the cafe. The remainder of the class will use guided imagery and visualization to embrace cat-like qualities that can inspire and enhance our practice.

Suggested Donation: $5

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