We typically have around 8 cats at a time. They come from a variety of partnering rescues. They are all spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and tested negative for FIV and FeLV. Although we average about 2 adoptions per week, we are not an adoption agency, nor do we control the adoption process. For more information on how adoptions work, please see our page on the adoption process.

The Cafe Cats

Joshua (8 month old male); from Kneady Kitten Rescue; adoption fee $100





Arrived Feb. 28; adopted, departing Mar. 14

Joshua is a super sweet, outgoing, affectionate kitty who loves to play, gets along with cats and dogs and will probably do fine in a home with kids. He trills with affection when he's petted and has the softest fur. He says he knows he looks like a girl kitty!







Danny (5 month old male); from Kneady Kitten Rescue; adoption fee $125




Arrived Feb. 28

Danny is a soft, sweet little guy who is a bit timid to start off. He's still getting his bearings at the cafe but slowly beginning to come out of his shell. He loves to cuddle with Joshua.









Amber (2 year old male); from Life is Better; adoption fee $75




Arrived Feb. 3; temporarily back at the shelter to recover from a cold

Amber is a grey and white domestic short hair tabby with really beautiful colors who came from an overcrowdedshelter in Louisiana.  She does well with other cats although she hasn’t been testedwith dogs. She has a sweet, gentle, placid personality, and will sit in your lap for hours.








Cabella (2 year old female); from Kneady Kitten Rescue; adoption fee $100




Arrived Feb. 28

Cabella is a very pretty girl who is a bit jumpy around sudden movements but is quite friendly and loves to play. She's kittenish, still smaller than the average adult cat, and has very pretty calico coloring and gorgeous almond-shaped green eyes.











Sneaker (7 year old male); from Adams County Shelter; adoption fee $75





Arrived Jan. 20; temporarily back at the shelter to recover from a cold

Sneaker is an adorable, fat-pawed chubby cutie who was found as a stray. He was almost adopted by the person who found him but she could not get the appropriate permissions from her landlord. He is sweet as can be and very friendly and easy-going, but doesn't love to share his space with other male cats. 







Kij (2 year old male); from Kneady Kitten Rescue; adoption fee $100

Simone (5 month old female); from Kneady Kitten Rescue; adoption fee $125



Kij arrived Mar. 4; Simone arrived Feb. 28

Kij and Simone came from the same home and are a very bonded pair. Simone came to us first and was shy for many days, until she just couldn’t resist playtime. But she didn’t come fully out of her shell until Kij joined her. Now, she follows her big brother around and they both get up to mischief together, and then collapse into a cuddle puddle. We would very much like to see them go to a home together!



Cindy Lou.jpg

Ducky (7 year old female); from Good Sam Rescue; adoption fee $50




Arrived Feb. 28

Ducky is an extremely -- and we do mean extremely! -- affectionate cat who ended up in rescue when her family became homeless and they could no longer keep her. She has lived with other cats in the past and also does fine with dogs, although with new animals her introduction should be gradual. She's a real beauty and HUGE! Her coat is shiny, long-haired and velvety to the touch, and she has a beautiful thick tail.










Louise (2 year old female); from Adams County Shelter; adoption fee $100

Beauty 2.jpg



Arrived Feb. 23

Louise is a very pretty and soft gal who loves to explore and sniff everything. She's affectionate and will rub up against your legs, and loves to climb up onto high places. She's very active but then disappears to take her naps when she's had enough attention. 










Babette (2 year old female); from Life is Better Rescue; Adoption Fee $75




Arrived Feb. 14

Babette is a sweet, sweet, sweet kitty who had to have a leg amputated because she was attacked with a BB gun when she was living as a pregnant stray in Oklahoma. She was rescued, safely delivered her kittens, and is making a valiant recovery. She purrs if you even look at her, despite how cruelly some humans treated her!










Bella (7 month old female); from Life is Better Rescue; adoption fee $100

Amethyst 2.jpg


Arrived Feb. 10; adopted!

Bella is a beautiful tortie (domestic long hair and Maine Coon mix). She’s very friendly and sweet and gets along with other cats. She also loves to play! She’s from rural Oklahoma.









Kit (4 year old male); from Adams County Shelter; adoption fee $100

Kit 2.jpg


Arrived Feb. 23

Kit is a very big guy who looks totally like Sneaker but the two are not related. He spent a week hiding out in the cafe before deciding that perhaps it was an all right place to be. He is very friendly and a total gentle giant. He wanders around the cafe seeking and then dodging pets, and he loves hanging out by the door to be a greeter.









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