We typically have around 8 cats at a time. They come from a variety of partnering rescues. They are all spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and tested negative for FIV and FeLV. Although we average about 2 adoptions per week, we are not an adoption agency, nor do we control the adoption process. For more information on how adoptions work, please see our page on the adoption process.

The Cafe Cats

Mabel (2 year old female); from Life Is Better; adoption fee $75




Arrived Sept. 21

Mabel is a beautiful, purrrfect tuxedo kitty who was found scared in a municipal shelter, but bloomed once she was put in a more comfortable environment. She loves it at the cafe! She has a very cute silent little meow that is adorable, and she loves people, petting and playing.








Paxton (1 year old male); from Life Is Better; adoption fee $75




Arrived Sept. 21

Paxton is a fun, affectionate, outgoing cat, but don’t pick him up without asking permission first! Check out the worried frown on his sweet face. He loves lounging on tables and playing tag with the other cats.








Sylvester (5 year old male); from Adams County Animal Shelter; adoption fee $100

Weston 2nd round.jpg



Arrived Sept. 20

Sylvester is a special boy who was found as a stray and still misses the great outdoors, but he will love it if you occupy his attention with some toys! A relentless player, he will keep you entertained with his antics for hours. When he’s done playing, he also loves to climb into your lap and demand some love! He is a super outgoing, friendly, fearless tomcat companion.









Tinkerbelle (1 year old female); from Life Is Better; adoption fee $75



Arrived Sept. 21

Tinkerbelle came from a municipal shelter with five kittens, all of whom have been adopted, leaving Tinkerbelle free to go to her own forever home. She’s a sweet girl who loves hanging out in the cafe bathroom. Say hi if you see her there! (In case you’re having trouble, we can’t tell Tinkerbelle apart from Noodles either.)






Sherbet (6 year old male); from Adams County Shelter; adoption fee $100



Arrived Sept. 20

Sherbet is a sweet purr-machine, but a little timid to start off. He was hiding but still seeking pets when we got this picture. Check out his fat face and cute (and rare!) orange tuxedo coloring. We think he my have a white handlebar mustache! We don't know much about his history but we think it's time he found a loving, stable home.



Cindy Lou.jpg

Rapunzel (1 year old female); from Adams County Animal Shelter; adoption fee $100



Arrived Sept. 20

You will not meet a friendlier or more playful cat! She loves people as much as she loves toys, and will seek out your lap if you don’t pay attention to her. She is curious about and great with other cats, though they may object to her nosey ways! She has the cutest croon as she wanders about, wondering where to stir up trouble. (Of our two black cats from Adams County, she’s the one with the yellow eyes.











Katie (3 year old female); from Life Is Better; adoption fee $75


Arrived Sept. 10

Katie is a sweetheart who came from a local municipal shelter with kittens. After they were weaned, she nursed other kittens who needed a mama cat. Now she is ready for her own forever home, but did not like being up for adoption at Pet Smart. She is more comfortable at the cafe and has settled in nicely as one of our gentlest, quietest residents. She loves her canned food and is an affectionate darling beauty.








Noodles (2 year old female); from Adams County Animal Shelter; Adoption Fee $50



Arrived Sept. 20

Noodles is a sweet, gentle creature with the shiniest black coat and the biggest green eyes. She is very affectionate and we are sure will open up and be more outgoing once she has had time to settle in.










Jolie (1 year old female); from Life Is Better; adoption fee $75



Arrived Sept. 22

Jolie is a gorgeous dilute tortie who was rescued from a municipal shelter. She recently gave birth to SEVEN kittens! She's very sweet and affectionate, but a little shy until she adjusts.









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