We typically have around 8 cats at a time. They come from a variety of partnering rescues. They are all spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and tested negative for FIV and FeLV. Although we average about 2 adoptions per week, we are not an adoption agency, nor do we control the adoption process. For more information on how adoptions work, please see our page on the adoption process.

The Cafe Cats

Rebel (3.5 month old female); from Kneady Kitten Rescue; adoption fee $100




Arrived July 16

Rebel is a sweet, gentle, playful kitten who will cuddle up with you forever. A tortie, she will probably reveal a distinct personality, but we are still getting to know her.








Sinessa (3 month old female); from Kneady Kitten; adoption fee $100



Adopted August 20

Sinessa is a beautiful blue-eyed Siamese kitten. She's sweet, playful, adorable. She was destined to be a barn cat before Kneady Kitten rescued her.









Weston (2.5 year old male); from Life is Better; adoption fee $75

Weston 2nd round.jpg


Arrived July 20

Weston is a sweetheart that ended up in rescue when someone left him taped inside a cardboard box on a doorstep on a rainy night. He's overcome a lot of shyness and really loves to be scratched and given attention, but he can be timid towards other cats and may prefer to be a single cat in his forever home. He’s a young cat with an old soul.











Motor (4 year old male); from Adams County Animal Shelter; adoption fee $100



Arrived July 9

Motor was found as a stray and was very fearful of people at first. After the shelter staff gained his trust, he quickly turned into a total lovebug. He plays at times but he is mostly super into affection. His name is Motor because he has an adorably obnoxious purr and he has a personality to match it! He gets along great with other cats, and judging by how quickly he adjusted at the cafe, he will do well in any environment






Catabunga (2 year old female); from Adams County Shelter; adoption fee $100



Arrived (for the second time) July 14.

Check out those blue eyes! Catabunga is a real beauty, with her seal point/snowshoe coloring and petite frame! She's full grown but is the size of a 6 month old, which just adds to her adorableness. She seems to be playful and fearless, but not thrilled about sharing space with other cats. She was adopted from the cafe but “returned” because she needed attention (!). We think she will do best in a home where she is the only cat and there are multiple people giving her love.


Cindy Lou.jpg

Graham (3.5 month old male); from Kneady Kitten; adoption fee $100



Arrived August 14

Graham is a beautiful little gray kitten with faint stripes. He is great with other cats and respectful of dogs. He is a bit shy in the cafe environment but cuddles with whoever holds him. He has shown an interest in playing with toys, and seems to be developing a sweet bromance with Motor. We are hoping he will soon come out of his shell and demonstrate his playfulness for all our visitors!







Alata (1-2 year old female); from Planet Pet; adoption fee $75


Arrived Oct. 2015

Alata was abandoned by her former owner on the doorstep of Planet Pet.  She is estimated to be between 1 and 2 years old and is a healthy, outgoing very cat-like cat who has striking good looks. She is both playful when she is in the mood, and placid when she is done playing. She gets along with people and other cats, and values her alone time. She loves kittens, perhaps because she was separated from her kittens before they were weaned. She gets extremely affectionate at night when you settle down for bed. She has been at the cafe the longest.






Grace (3.5 month old female); from PawsCo; adoption fee $75



Arrived August 21

Grace is a sweet little kitten who will rub up against your legs and be your cuddle buddy. She has cute tuxedo markings (complete with white mitten paws!)











Rigley (1 year old female); from Life is Better; Adoption Fee $75




Arrived July 20 (spoken for; will be picked up Aug. 26)

Rigley has GORGEOUS markings! She is a petite but full grown young cat who recently weaned kittens who have all found homes, and now Rigley is ready for her own forever home. She is very affectionate and loves to play. It took her a couple of weeks to come out of her shell but she is now quite social and super friendly.






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