We typically have around 8 cats at a time. They come from a variety of partnering rescues. They are all spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and tested negative for FIV and FeLV. Although we average about 2 adoptions per week, we are not an adoption agency, nor do we control the adoption process. For more information on how adoptions work, please see our page on the adoption process.

The Cafe Cats

Hansel (9 month old male); from Kneady Kitten Rescue; adoption fee $75




Arrived Jan. 4

Hansel is a sweet, affectionate, playful and adventurous cat with a super-soft plush black coat. He's brother to Gretel.









Gretel (9 month old female); from Kneady Kitten Rescue; adoption fee $75




Arrived Jan. 4

Gretel is Hansel's sister, looks identical to him, and has a similar personality. She's very playful, comfortable in new surroundings and with strangers, and loves being held. 








Carmen (1.5 year old female); from Life is Better Rescue; adoption fee $75




Arrived Dec. 16

Carmen is a beautiful, light colored kitty with a super friendly personality. She's extremely playful and outgoing, and very bossy with the other cats. She wants all the toys. She will do best as an only cat, or with a dog who isn't afraid of cats.










Beatrice (2 year old female); from Life Is Better; adoption fee $75





Arrived Dec. 31

Beatrice is a beautiful, sleek, Russian Blue with a pure gray coat. She came from Southern Colorado and has already raised a litter of two kittens who found their forever homes, freeing up Beatrice to get a home of her own. She is sweet natured and likes to chat with you with adorable little meows.










Camilla (2 year old female); from Life is Better; adoption fee $75



Adopted Jan. 11

Camilla is a beautiful long-haired tabby (you don't see too many of those!) with a sweet disposition. She's very social and loves attention, and seems to have quickly gotten comfortable with the attention she gets at the cafe. She is a gentle-natured kitty who will keep you quiet company for hours, and look adorable while doing so!



Cindy Lou.jpg

Chelsea (1 year old female); from Life is Better Rescue; adoption fee $75



Adopted Jan. 11

Chelsea is a sleek all-white beauty who explored her new surroundings immediately upon arrival at the cafe. She is very friendly and affectionate and even a bit playful. She came to Denver from a shelter in Louisiana that needed the space to house cats who lost their homes during recent flooding.






Castiel (11 month old male); from Kneady Kitten Rescue; adoption fee $75



Arrived Jan. 7

Castiel is the most playful cat we've ever met. He's happy if someone is dangling a feather toy in front of his face all day long. With his beautiful soft gray fur, he also makes a fun cat to pet.










Aidan (8 year old male); from Adams County Animal Shelter; Adoption Fee $50


Arrived Dec. 14

Aidan is an extremely friendly and nice cat who was surrendered by his family because their new baby turned out to be allergic to him. He does fine with kids and has a very agreeable disposition. He likes to rub up against people and will sit in your lap for love, but please don’t pick him up as he does NOT like that!


Amethyst (1.5 year old male); from Life is Better Rescue; adoption fee $75

Amethyst 2.jpg


Arrived Jan. 11

Amethyst was a stray who was rescued along with her kittens by a kind-hearted person who did not want more pets, so he got all the kittens vetted and adopted, and now it’s Amethyst’s turn to find her forever home. She is a sweet lap cat who has been in a home with lots of dogs.












Ophelia (7.5 month old female); from Kneady Kitten Rescue; adoption fee $75




Arrived Jan. 7

Ophelia is a little shy at first but very affectionate once she gets comfortable. She has a very cuddly small and stout feel to her; she also has very soft fur and pretty tortie markings.




Catmint (2 year old female); from Adams County Shelter; adoption fee $100




Arrived Nov. 2

Catmint is an adorable, beautiful long-haired kitty who was found as a stray. She is super friendly and sweet and loves attention, but is also very cat-like and regal.








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