We typically have around 8 cats at a time. They come from a variety of partnering rescues. They are all spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and tested negative for FIV and FeLV. Although we average about 2 adoptions per week, we are not an adoption agency, nor do we control the adoption process. For more information on how adoptions work, please see our page on the adoption process.

The Cafe Cats

Clause (9 year old male); from Adams County Animal Shelter; adoption fee $75




Arrived May 1, 2016

Clause is a super friendly, handsome and sweet cat with an amazing personality. He gets along well with other cats and may even do well with dogs. He came to the shelter when his owner passed away and he had nowhere else to go. He was a little intimidated when he first arrived at the cafe but has settled in very nicely.






Betty (2.5 year old female); from Kneady Kitten; adoption fee $75



Arrived April 12, 2016. Betty is currently temporarily on a break from the cafe.

Betty is an owner surrender along with Boris (adopted) – they did not get along with their former owner’s new baby. Betty is an active Russian Blue who loves to play chase and will try to catch anything dangled in front of her. She is a cuddler with no personal space issues. She is skittish around strangers and is a hider until she gets to know you. She was very scared when she first arrived at the cafe, but almost two months in, she is doing very well, although she still likes her alone time in the back away from the madding crowd.







Tater (3 year old male); from Adams County Animal Shelter; adoption fee $100




Tater was adopted on June 15.

Tater is one of the nicest cats we've ever met. He is playful, friendly, sweet, and so gentle. He will rub against your legs if you walk by him. He loves being outside and would enjoy supervised time out of the house. 








Catabunga (2 year old female); from Adams County Animal Shelter; adoption fee $100



Arrived June 3, 2016; Catabunga has an approved applicant but is awaiting pick up.

Check out those blue eyes! Catabunga is a real beauty, with her seal point/snowshoe coloring and petite frame! She's full grown but is the size of a 6 month old, which just adds to her adorableness. She seems to be playful and fearless. We are still trying to find out what her backstory is and where she came from. We will update this page when we know more.




Mater and Clementine (4 year old male/female bonded pair); from Planet Pet; adoption fee $75 (each)

Cindy Lou.jpg



Arrived June 23.

Mater and Clementine are super friendly and affectionate sibling cats who came together from a family where a child developed allergies. They're enormous! And such loves. They are bonded and must be adopted together.







Doolittle (1 year old male); from Kneady Kitten; adoption fee $75

Doolittle lives up to his name by doing little other than laying around and being a cat. He is a sweet young lad and displays a healthy curiosity about toys. If you try to play with him, he may even oblige! Doolittle came to the rescue after his owner could no longer take care of him. He came with Tumbleweed, and the former owner would like both cats to go together.  

Ellen (3 year old female); temporary resident



Ellen was a cafe kitty way long ago and was adopted last May. She has now returned to us for a couple of months while her mommy is in Costa Rica. She is still the same playful feisty Ellen she always was and has settled back in nicely. She has a tendency to talk a lot, so if you like talkative kitties, Ellen will be pleased to sit in your lap and engage you in a conversation!







Alata (1-2 year old female); from Planet Pet; adoption fee $75


Arrived Oct. 2015

Alata was abandoned by her former owner on the doorstep of Planet Pet.  She is estimated to be between 1 and 2 years old and is a healthy, outgoing very cat-like cat who has striking good looks. She is both playful when she is in the mood, and placid when she is done playing. She gets along with people and other cats, and values her alone time. She loves kittens, perhaps because she was separated from her kittens before they were weaned. She gets extremely affectionate at night when you settle down for bed. She has been at the cafe the longest.






Eason (4 month old male); from Kneady Kitten Rescue; adoption fee $100



Eason has been approved for adoption and will be departing on Saturday, June 25.

Eason came from Burlington, Colorado. We don’t have much of a history on him. He is a very sweet and playful boy and has the most delightful tufts of fur sticking out all over the place!







Sportster (3.5 month old male); from Kneady Kitten Rescue; Adoption Fee $100



Arrived June 18, 2016

Sportster came from Burlington, Colorado. He's a very mellow and sweet kitten, cute as a button, and does well with kids, other cats and dogs. 








Softail (3.5 month old male); from Kneady Kitten Rescue; Adoption Fee $100


Spoken for! Although Softail is still at the cafe, he will be departing for his forever home on Saturday, June 25.







Gallery of past residents

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