Vision and Philosophy


Denver Cat Company is a social enterprise -- our ultimate mission is to give cats a loving and comfortable environment until they get adopted and help you find joy in the companionship of these sweet creatures.


We are a community space, one where cat, art and book-lovers can come together over a cuppa, buy or exchange books, appreciate art, take painting classes, hold meetings and events, indulge in mild consumerism by purchasing our unique merchandise, meditate amongst nature's premier zen-masters (cats), and find new friends. 


We are a haven for cats who need homes.  We foster the kitties at our expense using the proceeds generated by sales in the cafe. Our resident cats are available for adoption.  For more on the cat-welfare aspect of the Denver Cat Company, please go here.


Denver Cat Company offers painting classes in partnership with Teller Street Gallery.  We are also an art gallery, displaying the works of local painters, photographers and ceramic artists.  The works are available for sale. 


We double as a used bookstore featuring works of classic literature, non-fiction, YA, fantasy, history, spirituality and contemporary fiction.  Patrons are welcome to bring in books to donate as well as buy from our collection.

Mismatched Mugs

We are big believers in the charm of mismatched mugs.  The design equivalent of such charm is reflected in our entire decorative scheme.  The café has comfortable chairs, cozy nooks, lamps, and natural sunlight for the cats to laze in.  Refreshments are also available -- specifically, teas, coffee, biscotti, and other snacks.