Friends to the Cat Café

The following companies have either provided our cats with free goodies or partner with us in their endeavors. This page is a plug for their amazing products.

Dr Elseys logo.png

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat

Visitors to the Cat Company frequently note that despite over a dozen cats living there, the cat café smells great! We attribute our stink-free environment in large part to the high quality litter we are able to use due to the generosity of the folks at Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat litter. The cat café has been supplied with free litter by Dr. Elsey’s since our opening. We use (and can highly recommend!) Cat Attract litter — an absolutely amazing product that has low-dust, good clumping, and amazing odor control. It also encourages cats to use the litter box, hence the name “cat attract.”

Cat Topia.png

I and Love and You

I and Love and You is a local pet food company that makes high-quality grain-free food for dogs and cats. They have been a frequent contributor of low-cost or free cat food to the café.



Founded by Lance Harding and Sky Davis in 2018, Cat-Topia is a local business devoted to cat health by building custom cat enclosures for the outdoors, known as Catios. Cat-Topia is built for outdoor benefits while eliminating the risks the environment may bring to cats. Cat-Topia builds off recycled lumber and believes in cat adoption by donating a portion of their revenue to local animal shelters who support feline adoption.



Hauspanther sources gorgeous, classy cat furniture for your home. They have generously donated a beautiful walnut cat tree as well as some smaller pieces for our cats to lounge upon. Hauspanther was founded by Kate Benjamin, who knows a thing or two about catification and has written best-selling books on the topic.