Denver Cat Company has partnered with multiple shelters and rescue organizations over the last four years. Enduring partnerships have been with Life is Better rescue and PawsCo, and to a growing degree, the Denver Animal Shelter.


The cat café is best equipped to assist smaller rescues and shelters that either do not have a physical location the public can visit for adoptions (i.e., foster-based rescues), or organizations that tend to be most often overlooked when people are in the market for a pet (i.e., county shelters). We are open to all partnerships where organizations are professionally managed, have excellent protocols, and where there is the greatest need for the kind of service we can provide.

For our partners, we provide a huge avenue for exposure for cats who may otherwise be overlooked or take much longer to get adopted. At the café, rescue cats meet hundreds of people each week who are able to interact with them in a comfortable setting, and truly get to know a kitty before taking it home. Cats who are on the shy side also have an opportunity to flower and become more socialized at the café. The overall approach leads to well-matched placements that have greater potential for long-term success, with the hope being that our cats will never end up back in the rescue pipeline.

We are also able to take on the daily care and feeding of the cats, relieving smaller rescue organizations of that added cost. At the same time, the rescues maintain full control over the adoption process, remain responsible for vetting, and adoption fees go to the rescue organization to partially cover the cost of spay/neuter, vaccinations, and other care.


Life is Better Rescue

Life is Better Rescue was founded by Georgia Lee Cameron in December 2010. Life is Better devotes rescue resources to a variety of animals in addition to cats. The organization’s excellent health protocols, humane approach to rescue, strict adoption vetting, and professional staff have made it an invaluable partner to Denver Cat Company. The majority of our café kitties come from Life is Better.



PawsCo was co-founded by Tiana Nelson in July 2013. PawsCo is an entirely volunteer-run organization and operates with three areas of focus: spay/neuter outreach to prevent unwanted litters, a pet food drive in conjunction with the Food Bank of the Rockies to keep pets with their families, and adoptions of homeless animals. We are proud to assist with their cat adoption efforts.

Intermountain Humane Society

Intermountain Humane Society has been serving the pet rescue needs of its mountain community and surrounding areas since 1982. IMHS partners with a variety of local, state and out of state orgs to place pets in their forever homes, including Denver Cat Company.