3929 Tennyson Street, Denver, Colorado 80212


Like most cat cafés, we charge an entry fee to help defray the cost of fostering rescue cats.

Entry Fee (ages 1 and up): $10

Entry fee (seniors 62 & up; students with ID): $8

Babies under 1 (or who are not yet walking) are admitted free.

Memberships are available for regulars.


We recommend coming during our first hour of being open (10-11 am) as the cats are at their most active, and you will avoid our first rush starting around 11. We also see a post-lunch surge (1-3 pm) and things quiet down after that. Our last two or three hours of being open are usually pretty chill as well if you would like to maximize your interaction with the kitties (5-7 pm Sunday through Thursday, and 5-8 pm on Fridays and Saturdays). We are pretty quiet on weekdays and busier on weekends.


We limit kids under 10 years old to visits of no more than an hour. We also ask that you not bring large groups of children (more than 3 kids per supervising adult, or more than 5 kids under 10 years old in one party) as it creates a chaotic environment that is disruptive to other customers and stressful for the kitties. Although toddlers are not disallowed, we expect parents to bring kids under 3 only if they are confident about being able to enforce our rules with them.

The cat café is not designed as a "kid-friendly" space. We expect parents to closely supervise their children and enforce our rules, and if they do not do so, staff reserves the right to step in. We do not guarantee the safety of your children while they interact with a wide variety of rescue cats. 


Open daily.  Because kitties always need love.

Mon-Thur: 10-7 

Fri, Sat, Sun: 10-8

We close only for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Open usual hours all other major holidays.

Our Google hours are always accurate and kept updated. Trust Google.


By email is best: denvercatco@gmail.com

Phone is answered during business hours if staff is able but voicemails are not picked up: 303-433-3422