Who We Are

Here at Denver Cat Company, we cannot imagine anything more delightful than a roomful of cats -- and we believe there are many folks out there who feel the same way. 

Hence, a community space and lounge that features adoptable cats, modeled after the "cat cafés" of Japan, Europe, and now hopefully, North America.  As book and art lovers, we will also have a large lending library and art by local artists, acquired in partnership with Teller Street Gallery

Please explore our site further to find out what we are envisioning, who we are, and, if you don't know, what a cat café is.

A Cat Café in Denver?

We want to provide more resources for cats and cat lovers in this city.  We also believe Denver is ready for something like this -- that we are quirky enough, open-minded enough, urban enough, and hip enough, on the level of cities like San Diego, Portland and Oakland, whose cat cafés are rumored to open this year.  And we have a better chance of opening a cat café before San Francisco, because Denver is one of the top places in the country to open a new business.


What do you think? Is Denver the kind of place where a cat café would find a good home?


Fund Us!

We care about your feedback and need your support.  If you love cats as much as we do and believe in our mission, please show your support by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign.

We believe that small businesses have a bigger role to play in doing social good, so we pledge to give 10% of all donations to a cat shelter we partner with.  We also intend to help kitties (and our partner shelter) by facilitating adoptions of cats.

Please click here to check out our rewards, and go here to find out why you might want to fund a cat café in Denver.

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